(Approved by the Board of Directors on 11/13/07)


1.      The Ski Club Board is interested in improving the experience offered to members and in insuring that all members have equal entitlements and are subjected to equal treatment.

2.      Suggestion, recommendations, feedback and the submission of serious grievances provide the needed information for the Board to address significant issues.

3.      A process for submitting suggestions, recommendations and feedback and a procedure for addressing grievance is hereby established.

·        The Ski Club shall provide a locked box at regularly scheduled Ski Club meetings where written suggestions, recommendations and feedback can be deposited.  The “Suggestion Box” shall be kept in the custody of the President or their designated representative.

·        The Sitzmarker Post Office Box and an e-mail address provided by the Ski Club web site and in DER SITZMARKER newsletter shall be used for submission of suggestions and recommendations and to provide for receiving feedback.  It is desirable but not required that these submissions be signed.  A committee composed of three Board members, appointed by the President, shall review these submissions and organize the meaningful ones for consideration by the Board.  Whenever possible, these submissions shall be provided to Board members ahead of Board meetings.  Suggestions, recommendations and feedbacks that are acted upon shall be advertized in the newsletter.

·        The procedure for submitting a grievance for a hearing by the Board is

a)      The member prepares and submits a written description of the grievance to the President, President-Elect or the Secretary.  This submission can be accomplished via e-mail, postal mail or personal delivery.  If the submission is received 48 or more hours prior to a Board meeting, the submitter shall be offered up to ten minutes on the agenda to personally present the grievance.  Otherwise, the submitter can wait until the next scheduled Board meeting or the grievance shall be addressed by the Board based upon the information provided in the written statement.

b)      The grievance may require more than one Board meeting for resolution if additional information is required.

c)      The person submitting the grievance shall be informed of the status or resolution following each monthly Board meeting.