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Position Desc.
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POSITION DESCRIPTIONS (Approved/Finalized on 2/10/08, Revised 2/24/09)
·        Provide leadership for the club in developing, guiding, and promoting desirable and enjoyable environment and activities for the membership.
·        Prepare and distribute Board Meeting agenda prior to the Board Meeting
·        Start meetings on time and bring them to order
·        Conduct Board Meetings
·        Conduct General Meetings
·        Delegate jobs/projects to the appropriate Board or general member.
·        Appoint committees as needed.
·        Assist in coordinating special projects
·        Assist Board members with their duties
·        Contact the Sergeant of Arms before the Board meeting to discuss the evening’s program
·        Organize Board party for out going and incoming Board members
·        Request (by announcement and the newsletter) at least two months before an upcoming election that the Board is looking for interested people to participate on the Board
·        Appoints the Nominating Committee.
·        The function of the President Elect position is to prepare to become President of the club. 
·        This includes serving as a voting member of the board, learns the functioning of club officers, learns the by-laws; chairs the Nominating Committee; and becomes familiar with the club policies.
·        The President Elect will serve as the President in the absence of the President. 
·        Chairs the Nominating Committee
·        An additional duty is to plan and coordinate a fall Pray for Snow Brunch. 

·        Record and distribute current Board Minutes via e-mail prior to the next Board Meeting
·        Prepare general correspondence, thank you notes and other communications
·        Send a letter to the Secretary of State requesting renewal of nonprofit status before April 1st of each year.  This form should include the name of the registered agent.
·        Furnish copies of the By-Laws for new Board members
·        At the end of the term, give electronic copies of all Club documents to the incoming Secretary.
·        Keep copies of minutes, agendas, and non profit status records for a period of seven years.
·        Maintain all reports concerning the financial records of the Club.  This involves accepting deposits from many different sources, properly entering the figures into the ledger and disbursing funds to cover the expenses of the Club.
·        Balance the Club checking account monthly
·        Prepare a financial report for the Board of Directors Meeting
·        Keep all unencumbered funds in an interest bearing account to earn additional income for the Club
·        File the annual Federal and State income tax reports by September 15th
·        When going out of town for two weeks or more, the Treasurer will leave checks and deposit slips with the President.
·        Make payments for all approved Club activities in response to billings and itemized statements submitted by the person responsible for the activity
·        If possible, pick up mail once a week (twice during ski season); disburse the mail at a Board Meeting. 
·        Keep Club financial records for a period of seven years.
·        Prepare a year-end balance of the book and turned over books to the new Treasures with guidance on the procedure for club book keeping.



·        Plan, organize, and run all club sponsored ski trips which includes lodging, meals, lift tickets, and transportation.
·        E-mails members information according to Board Policy.
·        Insure that the members e-mail addresses are protected.


·        Assures that newsletter is represented at Board
·        Serves as focal point for collection and screening of articles
·        Maintains calendar of events for publication in newsletter and website
·        Solicits articles and photos for publication
·        Arranges for set-up, proofing, printing, and mail preparation
·        Provides newsletters for new members and prospective members at meetings
·        Turns in expense reports monthly
·        Maintains Club supplied equipment, supplies, and records
·        The Raffle Coordinator will conduct raffles for the ski club in accordance with the Raffle Procedure.

(Revision Approved by Board on 2/24/09)
·        Plan approximately one party per month (some with themes e.g., Holiday, Super Bowl or Apre’ Golf)
·        Arrange for location of party and coordinate with host or business providing facility.
·        Create publicity for party and provide to Newsletter Editor and E-mail Coordinator.  Publicity will often include a map to party site.
·        If the party is not held at a place of business, purchase and transport to party site and set up for use:
- Food and serving dishes
- Beverages and necessary coolers and ice
- Flatware, plates, cups, napkins and serving items
- Tables, chairs
·        Arrange for cleanup of party site if required
·        Assist, when appropriate, for setup for outdoor meetings with food and beverages.
·        Submits financial reports for each event to the Treasurer.
Plan, organize and run special events (or assign a chair)
Examples include, but are not limited to:
·        Water Ski Weekend
·        Sailing Regatta at Cochiti
·        Car Rally
·        Rafting
·        Casino Night
·        Rent a houseboat at the Butte
·        Summer weekend trips
·        Balloon Fiesta chase crew
·        Camping Trips
·        Horseback riding
·        Game Night

Plan and coordinate sports activities for the Club and serve as an event coordinator when appropriate.  Sport activities do not include ski trips.  May solicit and appoint members to serve as an event coordinators.  Advise and oversee event coordinators in the planning and execution of an event or establishing teams.  Other duties include but are not limited to:


Sport activities typically include, but are not limited to: bicycling, tennis tournaments, golf tournament, hiking, bowling, softball, volleyball, and ski competition teams.


·        Update the Sitzmarker’s website, www.nmsitzmarkers.org ; at least monthly. Preferably as soon as new events are announced.
·        Collect pictures from Club events and post to the web site as appropriate.
·        Respond to web site inquiries or forward interesting offers to appropriate officers
·        Attend to minor matters with the internet service provider
·        See that the annual site fee is paid
·        The Sitzmarker Web Site is only to be used for official Club business.
·        Provide President with the password recommended, so that if changes needs are needed during Web Master’s absence.
In addition to the above duties, each Board member is responsible to
·        Delegate responsibility to assistants and/or committees when appropriate
·        See that all information to be published is turned over to the Newsletter editor in a timely manner and includes dates, times, map etc.
·        Participate in the “Greeting Committee” (greet new members and introduce them around)
·        Make announcements at General Meetings when appropriate
·        Everyone is responsible for protecting membership information